School Joseph Loth

School Joseph Loth is a public educational institution that provides general and technological training.

Presentation of the establishment

A high school of excellence, both steeped in tradition and geared towards modernity, Loth accommodates 1,200 students. All the high school teams work for the development of the students. The strengths of the school are based on a balance of training provided with a scientific pole, a human sciences pole and an economics-management pole.

The scientific pole with its two tracks “Earth Life Sciences” and “Engineering Sciences” is reinforced by courses such as Computer Science and Digital Sciences.

The human sciences pole, which brings together the ES and L series, is open to the history of the arts and heritage, with a strong presence of languages ​​and the introduction of a new specialty, law and the major challenges of the contemporary world. (in series L).

The economics-management division offers three specialties (Human Resources and Communication, Management and Finance and Marketing).

Joseph Loth high school is also a higher education high school and offers a BTS MUC (Management of Commercial Units); a BTS Bank-client advisor who has a Professional Workshop is made available to high school students as well as a school bank branch; a BTS Insurance