Who are we ?

IPF3A Innovation, Promotion, Agricultural and Food-processing Training, IPF3A

IPF3A is an association which brings together the organisations of training and employment in agriculture and food-processing in central Brittany.

The Campus in a few words :

IPF3A is an association created in March 2017 by twelve training organisations, both public and private. Its purpose is to unify all the parties in terms of skills development to meet their needs in the “central Brittany” area. At this moment, it brings together 15 training players in the fields of agriculture and food-processing.

The Campus works by linking networks to meet the needs of local stakeholders by:

o Strengthening the training / business / technology transfer link and promoting training in central Brittany,

o Unifying local bodies in the development of the agricultural and food-processing industries,

o Promoting and making clear the local initial and continuous training on offer,

o Adapting and developing the training on offer to meet the short, medium and long term needs of businesses in the area,

o Monitoring and forecasting the evolving needs in terms of training of the businesses,

o Securing career paths through lifelong learning.

o Strengthening the training – business – technology transfer link

o Promoting training in central Brittany

The programme is developed around three areas : Innovation, Promotion, Training

To prepare for the future with regards to new technologies

Innovation is at the heart of companies’ economic concerns. It is by investing in research that processes within companies improve and make it easier for employees to do their jobs.

To create links with businesses and economic players in the area.

To develop territorial attractiveness, the employment and training network is an axis that should not be overlooked and to develop it we have to improve networks and to share knowledge in order to build together. The IPF3A Campus is a network that works with economic and training networks in the center of Brittany.

By developing knowledge sharing and creating meetings and links, it spreads its visibility and promotes the wealth of training available in the area. Its technical platforms allow training thanks to the many skills and tools they offer and thus the ability to implement training with and for businesses.

To cultivate vocations in all agricultural and food-processing professions 

The aim of the Campus is to promote awareness of the different trades and skills required for training in the agricultural and food-processing sectors. These two sectors are strongly intertwined and if the human hand will always be necessary to produce the food of tomorrow, the development of new technologies in the management of farms and food-processing sites requires cross skills which allow the diversification of tasks in the interest of the trade.

The IPF3A Campus is a tool in the job / training / technology transfer link in central Brittany. It works with local economic players to promote agricultural and food-processing training in the area, from initial training to continuing education.

In a constantly changing world, the Campus develops trades and training methods in collaboration with professionals in order to develop the courses.

Training is evolving and what is offered adapts to the needs of businesses in the short, medium and long term throughout the area.

The IPF3A Campus is available to companies to develop training solutions and to increase or to strengthen the skills of their employees. Career guidance develops throughout life and the Campus works with training centres to better match training and professional careers. These two areas make it possible for central Brittany to remain an attractive choice.