School of the Mené

Established in 1968, the school was originally a women’s agricultural college. As a result of its expansion, its legal name changed and in 1992 became a Lycée d’Enseignement Général et Technologique Agricole (LEGTA).
The school of Mené has an average of 320 students


The school

The school of Mené offers courses ranging from CAP to BTS in three areas:

  • Floral art
  • Landscape
  • Trade (horticulture, animal husbandry, agro-supply, food products, (wines and spirits), wood and forest products).



The CFA offers training ranging from CAP to BTS in two areas:

  • Landscape
  • Trade

Horticultural operation

The horticultural operation of the school and  CFA of Mené, is used for educational purposes for students, allowing them to train by experimenting.

Human ressources

The establishment can provide: engineers in agro-food, agronomy and stakeholders for the landscape, marketing …


Availability is rather wide

Contact : 02 96 28 41 12


The farm is equipped with many materials related to horticultural production.


Horticultural operation

Production of different plants and marketing of flowers and vegetable plants through different marketing channels: retail, semi-wholesale and sales to communities

Landscape workshop

Since 2008, the garden of flavors and scents has been a good overview of the richness of the plant world.


Floral art workshop

Flower arrangements, round bouquets, centerpieces; jewelry…

Pet workshop

The pet store is for educational purposes, it is made up of aquariums, removable aviaries, terrariums, rodent boxes …

Diaporama du lycée du Mené