Hight School Joseph Loth

Joseph Loth High School is a public educational institution that provides general and technological training.

Joseph Loth high school is a local public establishment bringing together:

  • A general and technological high school.
  • The reception of Greta as part of adult education
  • SSI training
  • A boarding school

The high school

Joseph Loth High School is a general and technological polyvalent high school.

It offers training around three areas:

  • A scientific center (Earth Life Sciences; Engineering Sciences)
  • A human sciences center (Economic and social; Literary)
  • An economy-management pole (Human Resources and Communication; Management and Finance; Marketing)

Higher Education

The hight school also offers three higher service technician certificates:

  • BTS Management of Commercial Units (MUC)
  • BTS Banque – Customer advisor
  • BTS Insurance

Human ressources

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Some Wednesdays and during school holidays (except summer) Contact:


  • 2 customer service offices
  • 1 language laboratory
  • 1 bank branch


Customer service representative workshop

Allow for simulation, individual interviews, sketches

Language laboratory

It allows the teacher to disseminate information to individual
stations and to monitor student work.

The bank agency

Allows to simulate the different workstations of a bank branch (counter, face-to-face meetings with customers, managerial meetings, etc.)