Saint Jean Brévelay / Hennebont

The public horticultural school is present on two sites and offers a varied horticultural and market garden production, certified organic since 2008. The sites are located in lush greenery equipped and adapted to the teaching.

 Saint Jean Brevelay

The high school is located in a green setting of 12 hectares and it offers all the high-performance equipment to give students the best conditions for study and success in the following diplomas:

  • CAP Florist
  • CAPA Personal Services and Sales in Rural Areas
  • Bac Pro Landscaping
  • Bac Pro Management of horticural production


The school has been completely overhauled in order to provide a learning environment equipped with all the necessary infrastructure for the success of the following courses:

  • 4th in Agricultural Education,
  • 3rd in Agricultural Education,
  • CAPa Landscape Gardener,
  • CAPa Management of horticural production


The premises are shared with the CFA which offers 7 apprenticeship training courses:

  • CAPa Landscape Gardener
  • CAPa Management of horticural production
  • BPA Landscaping Works –
  • Landscape Masonry Specialty (in 1 year)
  • Bac Pro Productions Horticoles
  • Bac Pro Landscaping
  • CS level IV in Landscape Construction (in 1 year)

Human ressources

Teachers & trainers in horticultural production: market gardening, nurseries, arboriculture, floral.


On request from Valérie Lepage


In Saint Jean Brévelay, an 11.5 ha estate with various greenhouses and production and sales tunnels.

In Hennebont area of ​​4 ha with various greenhouses and tunnels serving as a place of production and sale.


Horticultural production

Floral workshop

landscape workshop

Organic market gardening workshop

Diaporama du lycée Saint Jean Brévelay/Hennebont